Using Content Syndication for Successful Blogging

You have been working overtime trying to protect your blog from piracy and trying to make a name for yourself. But have you considered content syndication as an easier way? It will give you the recognition that you need and protect your work too.

Basics Of HTML5 for beginners Part II

In the previous HTML5 tutorial (Basics Of HTML5 for beginners Part I).
I showed some very basic tags.
In this I am going to give information about some useful but easy tags and attributes which was not possible with the earlier versions of HTML.

They can be helpful in making a site dynamic and in designing.
As you know that HTML5 has made the life of blogger and designers HELL!! easy earlier long and complicated JavaScripts were used for some of the functions now that functions can be used as tags in the newer version of HTML.

Setup your domain to redirect to Google+ Page or Profile by adding '/+'

Google has released vanity url's for some top brands and people. You can setup your domain to redirect to Google+  page or profile by

example: redirects to +Tech News 

You can do this by using some simple methods and tricks.

Basics Of HTML5 for beginners Part I

HTML5 released more than a year or so, but today I find many people having difficulty (including me) and doesn't know how HTML5 can be helpful.
So here I am providing some of its tags which are used most widely and can be also be helpful to you.

These are the very basics of HTML5 and more and advanced tuts will be provided in Future.

Privacy disaster - Google+ gives access to somebody else's account!

Today few hours earlier a guy named Guilherme da Luz from Portugal claimed that he is able to access another account on Orkut which does not belong to him, also it has been verified by Google. He further wants to take Google to court. The news came to be known to us by a post in Google+ Developers Group, posted by guy himself. The Guy is Guilherme da Luz and his Google+ profile is The post he made says:

Jailbreak for iPhone OS 6 Beta

If you are iPhone user then this post is surely going to surprise you. Whenever iPhone or iPad with new iOS is released then it takes some time for their jailbreak to come. But this time it is something special. It’s only 15 days from the date when iOS 6 was released and in this short span of time, iPhone Dev team has announced that they have released the jailbreak for it. Seems to be interesting and this news is hitting the web across the world. Some say that it’s just announcement and far from reality. Whatever is, in this post I am going to post the procedure to jailbreak iOS6. Hope you find it useful for you. So let’s have a look on it.

+1 Button JavaScript Again Changed To Reduce Browser CPU and Memory Usage

A month ago there was change in the Plus One button load speed it was claimed to be made 20 percent faster.

Google+ Developer Team is working hard to make the Plus One (+1) Button load faster. The latest change being in it's JavaScript. The current change reduces browser CPU usage and memory usage for the site using the +1 button.

Net To Get New Domain Suffixes: Includes .Google

As the reports published in Times Of India and other News Papers, Internet will have huge expansion. It is being said that the new domain suffixes to be added. Several companies are looking for suffixes such as .music, .bank etc. Google Inc is seeking for .Google and . YouTube domains. Google also wants Internet address to end with .lol which is shorthand of Laugh Out Loud. Not only companies and groups, New York City is also seeking for .nyc.

Expectations from FXI Cotton Candy: USB Stick Sized Computer Device

Today, tech progress is moving at a fast speed. 5-7 years ago nobody could ever imagine what kind of devices and services would become available for the majority of customers. Information exchange has become simple, despite the fact that terabytes of information are shared between the Internet users.

Recently, cloud technologies gained a huge market share. Clouds are personal space of information which a user claims for himself. There is no need to store all personal info at own PC. Having a cloud resolves data

Google Plus vs. Facebook Pages: Why Google + Will Triumph

Google recently announced that they will be offering Google Plus pages to businesses, personalities and brands. This is to enable them increase their online presence with relative ease in the world’s largest search engine.

A Better Understanding of Google + Business

As is the case with Facebook Pages, Google Plus Pages offers destinations where business-related designations are able to not only

4 Advantages of Mobile Internet for Your Online Businesses

As an online business man or woman, using internet system is one vital tool you wouldn’t joke with, and for your business to flourish better, the need for a high speed internet connection is required.
Though, there are different types of high speed internet connection in the market nowadays, but one bitter truth is that, not all the internet connection can really fit in for all kind of job. Some internet connections are made to be station in a particular place. Therefore, such internet connection won’t be suitable for travelers that make use of internet in their day to day activities, while some are made to be mobile; such is the mobile internet connection.

5 Useful Android Apps for Web Designers

The job profile of web designers is the most promising one considering the level of complexity with which newer websites are being created and the highly competitive market. The web designers have to find ways and techniques to design websites that put their clients ahead of their competitors. The task for web designers to design search engine friendly and user friendly websites becomes easy with the use of the large number of applications available for the purpose. With android being the new mantra for websites and android enabled devices, there are several android apps that are highly useful for web designers.

How to transfer Files between Android Phone and PC without data cable

There was a time when I couldn’t figure out how to transfer files between my Android phone and PC, without the data cable. Before I could figure out how to do this, I even wondered why my iPhone had no cable in its pack so I could connect it to the PC. As absurd as it sounds to techno-geeks, I actually met cable providers in my area to get this problem solves. Now when I think of it, I am glad I did. The cable provider helped me understand lots of things about how to transfer files without a data cable.
Here is what I discovered and you will surely appreciate the information in this article:

How Airdroid Let’s You Control & Manage Your Android Device from Web-Browser via Wi-Fi?

Airdroid is a very unique application and is getting extremely popular nowadays. It is an application that can enormously influence the mode of communication that you have been experiencing with the Android device.

Users call it a very productive application that also allows you to manage your Android device remotely, regardless of the fact that you use tablet or a Smartphone over Wi-Fi through a web browser. There are various other applications in the Android market that are similar to Airdroid, but this application is extremely user-friendly and straightforward to use. It is also handy to setup and easy to deal with. These benefits make it a practical and more efficient mode of communication.

Do You Think Facebook Can Help Your Business?

Facebook has transformed how we interact with each other and it has made a significant impact on businesses too. Many businesses now have a Facebook page. But the question remains, can it really help a business to grow and get more customers? This article will try to answer this question.

Where Should Facebook Go From Here?

It's fair to say that Facebook has been something of a hit. It started as a project launched by a few nerdy college students, but from there it quickly grew to become a global phenomenon and even the most visited site on the net. Not bad.

But the question is, what's next for the social media platform? And how can Zuckerberg begin to build on this initial popularity. Here we will look at some points that he might want to consider (though it's fair to say that he doesn't really need my help…).

Features Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Should Offer

Though Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich has been there for a while, but the greatest buzz around is about Android 5 Jelly Bean, the next version of Android [official] read here for the announcement Android 5.0 Jelly Bean To Be Launched In Q3 Of 2012 .

Though there is no official announcement about the features of this new Android version. But we are specifying some the features which are must in the nest version of Android family.

Photo Integration For Gmail and Google+

Google has announced even more changes to the Gmail.

The latest being a slight change in the mail senders profile, which is visible in right Sidebar when the email is opened (Google+ posts in the people widget).

Plus One Button Faster By 20 Percent

In my previous post Google+ Rolls Out Some Major Changes In Design  Janmejaya form comment about the issue of slowness of +1 button. Now, after 24hrs there is a new announcement that the size of button has been reduced by 20%, that's really awesome since the button rendering time has decreased as you can see in my under developing project (i'll talk later about project).

Microsoft pays Facebook to put Bing on logout page

Facebook got its first customer for the logout page, and the customer is also OS giant Microsoft. Now, it may bee soon that you will get to see Bing page as you logout of the Facebook, though some of the people have got it already as it is testing phase.
This step is taken by Microsoft to save its search engine so called BING 'Bing Is Not Google'. Microsoft has been spending millions of dollars to increase Bing's market share so this

Worlds Fastest Android Smartphone

In an aggressive presentation at the Mobile World Congress Show in Barcelona, Huawei launched a Smartphone, Yes, Huawei! and claims it to be the world's fastest quad-core smartphone, SHOCKED!
Huawei repeatedly compared its new product to Apple’s latest iPhone 4S and Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus.
Huawei’s D (or Diamond) series of devices has received three new additions to it’s family, the Ascend D quad, quad XL and Ascend D1.

How to change width of Google+ Badge using CSS

The problem all the bloggers and sites are finding to customize (especially change the width) the Google+ Badge.
Now the problem is that most of the templates have 250px sidebar but the Google+ Badge width is 300px.

Security Enhanced (SE) Android Released by National Security Agency (NSA)

The first version of Android Security Enhanced was released by The National Security Agency (NSA).

The main feature of the system is to minimize the impact of security holes on Android devices.

In order to limit the damage that can be done by flawed or malicious apps and to enforce the separation between apps the Security Enhanced (SE) Android project is enabling the use of SELinux in Android.

A new Project Python For Android

A project named Python For Android has been launched to create a package of your Python app into .apk. It is a Open Source project under the maintenance of Kivy Organisation.

It currently only has one bootstrap which decompresses the packed application's files and creates an OpenGL ES 2.0 surface for drawing and it also sets audio and touch events to be accessed.