Gmail Gets Better With Google Plus

Today when I logged into my Gmail account I found a new surprise. A new option of Circles was added. Though it was added a day before but I saw it today. With some goood features.
Firstly, if you have the person in your circle and you had a conversation with him or her it will show the Circle name in the subject with blue background.

On, the left side u will see a Circles option, like this-

As you click on the circles option it shows you a list of circles.

The conversation done with the Circler's will be shown.

Also when you select different circles it shows you the conversation done with the Circler's in a more filtered way.

 Keep Your Contact information updated.

If your contacts have a Google profile, their contact entry in Gmail will be updated with the profile information they’ve shared with you, including mobile - phone numbers, email addresses, etc. also if the user changes it you will be notified about the same.

 You can share Effortlessly without leaving your gmail.       

You will be able to share images from gmail itself to Google Profile, without switching.

You can see what your friends are saying.