Basics Of HTML5 for beginners Part II

In the previous HTML5 tutorial (Basics Of HTML5 for beginners Part I).
I showed some very basic tags.
In this I am going to give information about some useful but easy tags and attributes which was not possible with the earlier versions of HTML.

They can be helpful in making a site dynamic and in designing.
As you know that HTML5 has made the life of blogger and designers HELL!! easy earlier long and complicated JavaScripts were used for some of the functions now that functions can be used as tags in the newer version of HTML.

Setup your domain to redirect to Google+ Page or Profile by adding '/+'

Google has released vanity url's for some top brands and people. You can setup your domain to redirect to Google+  page or profile by

example: redirects to +Tech News 

You can do this by using some simple methods and tricks.

Basics Of HTML5 for beginners Part I

HTML5 released more than a year or so, but today I find many people having difficulty (including me) and doesn't know how HTML5 can be helpful.
So here I am providing some of its tags which are used most widely and can be also be helpful to you.

These are the very basics of HTML5 and more and advanced tuts will be provided in Future.