Expectations from FXI Cotton Candy: USB Stick Sized Computer Device

Today, tech progress is moving at a fast speed. 5-7 years ago nobody could ever imagine what kind of devices and services would become available for the majority of customers. Information exchange has become simple, despite the fact that terabytes of information are shared between the Internet users.

Recently, cloud technologies gained a huge market share. Clouds are personal space of information which a user claims for himself. There is no need to store all personal info at own PC. Having a cloud resolves data
storage and management problem. But what if you happen to use different computers and mobile devices? Well, if you are an active PC user who cannot imagine some time offline, Cotton Handy FXI might be interesting to you. The device is about to be released, so its main features are actively discussed online.

What is Cotton Candy FXI?

This is a small (as large as an ordinary USB stick) computer device (!!!) which makes it possible to access all personal clouds and software using preferred OS. It is used with smartphones, tablet pcs, laptops and desktops, including MAC products. Also, it is possible to connect Cotton Candy to screens having HDMI and use it as a USB storage device.

Benefits of Cotton Candy go as follows:

  • A full and convenient access to user’s clouds.
  • Create a smart screen out of your TV.
  • Full compliance with a wide range of devices, such as laptops, desktops, tablets etc. Use any OS and your preferred device to access favorite music, files, apps etc.
  • Compatibility with all screens despite of their size and resolution.
  • Sort out ALL of your contents in one USB stick sized device.
  • Easy management of any content type, videos, movies, pics, games, apps etc.
  • Using your smartphone with large screens for presentations.

What’s inside?

Despite its size, Cotton Candy is a real computer with a powerful processor and all modern features computers have these days. So, basic tech characteristics are:

  • Quad core ARM graphic device
  • ARM cortex 1.2 GHz processor
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on board
  • 1GB of internal memory and up to 64 GB SD cards supported
  • Android, Ubuntu and visualization client for MAC and Windows. Use any OS you like.
  • A variety of popular extensions, both video, audio and pictures. More formats can be supports through additional codecs.
  • USB 2.0, HDMI, female Micro USB 2.0

Possible usage case

As long as you have an HDMI monitor, revive it with Cotton Candy. Stick it in, use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to use a mouse and access your apps and media in the cloud. Within a second you will use a real computer! You can do it anywhere. Play games, surf the web and view photos without having your regular PC/laptop at hand.

If you think a TV is just for watching movies and news, you are mistaken. Use big screen to watch movies and play games. Just connect Cotton Candy to a TV through HDMI and enjoy fantastic big screen browsing and game playing experience. In fact, Cotton Candy can be used with a variety of devices that feature necessary connectivity units: cell phones, pcs, monitors and TVs.

This device has already demonstrated an excellent performance at tech exhibitions. Cotton Candy pocketsize computer is likely to gain its market share soon after the release which is announced on beginning of this summer. It is also an excellent solution of compatibility issues, for instance if you use Mac and Android smartphone.

The price of Cotton Candy is set at around 200$, which is quite reasonable taking into account its features and performance tests.

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