5 Useful Android Apps for Web Designers

The job profile of web designers is the most promising one considering the level of complexity with which newer websites are being created and the highly competitive market. The web designers have to find ways and techniques to design websites that put their clients ahead of their competitors. The task for web designers to design search engine friendly and user friendly websites becomes easy with the use of the large number of applications available for the purpose. With android being the new mantra for websites and android enabled devices, there are several android apps that are highly useful for web designers.

How to transfer Files between Android Phone and PC without data cable

There was a time when I couldn’t figure out how to transfer files between my Android phone and PC, without the data cable. Before I could figure out how to do this, I even wondered why my iPhone had no cable in its pack so I could connect it to the PC. As absurd as it sounds to techno-geeks, I actually met cable providers in my area to get this problem solves. Now when I think of it, I am glad I did. The cable provider helped me understand lots of things about how to transfer files without a data cable.
Here is what I discovered and you will surely appreciate the information in this article:

How Airdroid Let’s You Control & Manage Your Android Device from Web-Browser via Wi-Fi?

Airdroid is a very unique application and is getting extremely popular nowadays. It is an application that can enormously influence the mode of communication that you have been experiencing with the Android device.

Users call it a very productive application that also allows you to manage your Android device remotely, regardless of the fact that you use tablet or a Smartphone over Wi-Fi through a web browser. There are various other applications in the Android market that are similar to Airdroid, but this application is extremely user-friendly and straightforward to use. It is also handy to setup and easy to deal with. These benefits make it a practical and more efficient mode of communication.

Do You Think Facebook Can Help Your Business?

Facebook has transformed how we interact with each other and it has made a significant impact on businesses too. Many businesses now have a Facebook page. But the question remains, can it really help a business to grow and get more customers? This article will try to answer this question.

Where Should Facebook Go From Here?

It's fair to say that Facebook has been something of a hit. It started as a project launched by a few nerdy college students, but from there it quickly grew to become a global phenomenon and even the most visited site on the net. Not bad.

But the question is, what's next for the social media platform? And how can Zuckerberg begin to build on this initial popularity. Here we will look at some points that he might want to consider (though it's fair to say that he doesn't really need my help…).