A new Project Python For Android

A project named Python For Android has been launched to create a package of your Python app into .apk. It is a Open Source project under the maintenance of Kivy Organisation.

It currently only has one bootstrap which decompresses the packed application's files and creates an OpenGL ES 2.0 surface for drawing and it also sets audio and touch events to be accessed.

Get Started

  • Download Android SDK or NDK.
  • Start and download latest Android platform
  • Export some other environment variables:
              export ANDROIDSDK="/path/to/android/android-sdk-linux_86"
              export ANDROIDNDK="/path/to/android/android-ndk-r7"
              export ANDROIDNDKVER=r7
              export ANDROIDAPI=14
  • Clone of python-for-android:


  • Build a distribution with OpenSSL module, PIL and Kivy:

            cd python-for-android
           ./distribute.sh -m "openssl pil kivy"

  • Go to your fresh distribution, build the APK of your application:

          cd dist/default
         ./build.py --package org.test.touchtracer --name touchtracer \
        --version 1.0 --dir ~/code/kivy/examples/demo/touchtracer debug

  • Install the debug apk to your device:

          adb install bin/touchtracer-1.0-debug.apk

Now you are done
Go to official Site http://python-for-android.readthedocs.org/en/latest/index.html.